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Friday, January 25, 2008

Welcome to SLEDevents mini

The 'SLEDevents in SL mini' calendar is a small Agenda view of the 'SLEDevents in SL' calendar, made to fit the Web tab on the Profile of your SL avatar. Open your profile in SL, go to the Web tab, and paste this URL into the address field:
Click on an event in the calendar to see its description field. To see more details, press the 'Open' button at the top of your Web tab, and the mini calendar will open in your desktop web browser. Similarly, the full-sized SLEDevents calendar can be opened by clicking the link below, then pressing the 'Open' button:
If you wish to save SLEDevents mini as your default Web page for convenient reference, load the mini calendar into your Web tab, check the 'Automatically load web profiles' box (top right of Web tab), then press 'OK' to exit your profile. Now whenever you open your profile, the mini calendar will be there as the 'Home' page.
For further information, please IM Aidenn Brooks in-world, or email Bruce Sommerville at